The Relationship Cross – One-on-One Lover’s Path Tarot Reading – 60 Minute Session – 13 Card Spread



The Relationship Cross – For In-Depth Examinations

This Tarot Spread is valuable for exploring complex questions where two people are involved – perfect for The Lover’s Path Tarot. In The Relationship Cross, three cards are read as one to sum up each area explored, creating a more complete portrait than can be revealed by a solitary card. This spread is also unusual because of the order in which the cards are examined. Instead of reading from the first card to the last, cards are read by group position.

When reading The Relationship Cross, you’ll need to first examine cards 13 and 11, which represent the past. Then move onto cards 1 through 3, symbolizing the present.  Cards 5 to 7 represent the other person in the situation, while cards 8 through 10 depict the future as it may play out. Finally, card 4 offers an overview for the entire reading.

Reading the cards in groups may sound complicated – it’s really not, so don’t be afraid. Try to see them as a elements making up one big picture, a snapshot of the specific area being examined.

Each card represents one area of the question being examined in the reading.


Cards 1 through 3: These three cards, which re read together, represent the querent’s present role in the relationship.

Card 4: The overall outcome of the question regarding the relationship, if things continue along the path they have been.

Cards 5 through 7: These three cards, which are read together, represent the other person involved in the relationship. It also symbolizes his or her current situation, for better or worse.

Cards 8 through 10: These three cards, which are read together, reveal the future of the relationship, if things continue as they have been.

Cards 11 through 13: These three cards depict the past, or history, of the relationship. It shows how it has affected the present situation under examination.

This 60 minute Thirteen-Card Spread is valuable for exploring complex questions where two people are involved. ($150.00)

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