The Celtic Cross – One-on-One Lover’s Path Tarot Reading – 60 Minute Session – 10 Card Spread



The Celtic Cross – A Tarot Classic

Because of its ability to examine several aspects of a situation at once, the Celtic Cross is a staple of tarot spreads. What’s presented here is the standard version. However, if additional clarification is needed, extra cards can be drawn. These cards would be placed crossed over the area you’re exploring in greater depth – similar to the way card 2 is crossed over card 1 in this spread. For example, if you need more information about card 4, which represents past influences, this extra card would be crossed over card 4 only.

The traditional first step in creating the Celtic Cross is to choose a card to signify the querent, or the person asking the question. The usual way to do this is to select a court card – prince, princess, kind, or queen – with similar attributes to the querent. For example, a young woman with artistic talents could be represented by the Princess of Cups; an older man with fiery temperament, the King of Staves.

However, there’s another issue to consider: Using one card as a significator reduces the seventy-eight cards available for your reading by one. One card might not seem like much. But since every card in a tarot deck has a specific message to impart, why reduce the possibilities? It is for this reason that I prefer not to use a significator.

Each card represents one area of the question being examined in the reading.


Card 1: This card represents the overall situation, or atmosphere, surrounding the querent regarding the question being explored.

Card 2: What is influencing the situation for better or for worse. Factors that need to be considered. 

Card 3: This card is the foundation of the issue, or what is supporting it at this time.

Card 4: The past, or influences now passing away

Card 5: What is the querent’s mind at this time.

Card 6: Near future, or the influences currently coming into play which must be considered.

Card 7 : How the querent perceives the situation. How it is influencing him or her at this time.

Card 8: How others view the querent in this situation. Ways they may help or hinder the question under consideration.

Card 9: The querent’s hopes and fears. His or her emotions regarding the situation.

Card 10: The possible outcome to the question, if things continue as they have been. This card is a reflection of how things stand at that moment – depending upon the course of action taken, it can be changed.


This 60 minute Ten-Card Spread is a deep examination of several aspects of a situation at once. ($120.00)

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