The Burning Question – One-on-One Lover’s Path Tarot Reading – 30 Minute Session – 7 Card Spread



The Burning Question – Incisive

This spread is slightly more complex than the Past-Present-Future. It was developed for times when you have a specific question that needs to be immediately addressed – a burning question, if you will. Another nice piece of symbolism: The card representing the burning question is placed in the center of the spread. The remaining six cars are wrapped around it, suggesting the shape of a flame as it clings to the object feeding it.

Card 1: The burning question. This card sums up the situation requiring immediate guidance.

Card 2: This card represents the supporting influences or obstacles in reference to the burning question.

Cards 3 and 4: Both these cards refer to the hopes and fears, worries and desires concerning the question. These two cards can be seen as one card telling about worries or fears and one about hopes or desires. Or they both can speak to one aspect – only worries or only hopes.

Cards 5 and 6: These cards offer additional information about the question – suggestions and options to consider before the decision is made.

Card 7: Possible outcome. Based on what has occurred before, this is where the situation is heading, is things continue as they have.

This 30 minute Seven-Card Spread gives us enough time for a more thorough overview of the main issues and answer a burning question or make a decision – as well as look at current issues and general forecasting with a Seven-Card Spread. ($60.00)

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