Past-Present-Future – One-on-One Lover’s Path Tarot Reading – 10 Minute Session – 4 Card Spread



The Past-Present-Future Spread

SPECIAL OFFER: 10 minutes free with a $10 purchase!

This spread is the most direct and simplest way to consult The Lover’s Path Tarot. The Past-Present-Future spread is quick and easy, and offers a clear overview of a situation; it is particularly suited for simple questions that do not require deep examination. It’s also an accessible introduction to tarot readings for newcomers.

Card 1: This card represents the past, or foundation, of the matter under consideration.

Card 2: The present, as things stand now. This card reflects the current situation.

Card 3: The possible future, if things continue as they have been, as you consider this card, it’s important to remember that the future is never set in stone. It can be influenced by numerous factors, including our attitudes, actions, and intentions. Therefore, if you card you’ve chosen to represent the future isn’t something you’re satisfied with, consider steps to change it.

Card 4: The final card offers the overall message, or lesson, of the spread. It acts as a summation of everything examined.

This 10 minute Four-Card Spread is the most affordable option and offers an overview of the most important aspect or question and quick analysis of one or two current issues with a Four-Card Spread. ($10.00)

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