Past-Present-Future For Two – One-on-One Lover’s Path Tarot Reading – 20 Minute Session – 6 Card Spread



The Past-Present-Future For Two Spread

SPECIAL OFFER: 20 minutes free with a $20 purchase!

To examine issues involving two people, the Past-Present-Future for Two Spread can be used by couples.

Cards 1 and 2: This card represents the past and present of the first partner.

Card 3 and 4: This card represents the past and present of the second partner.

Card 5: The possible future the couple may share, if things continue as they have been.

Card 6: The final card offers the overall message, or lesson, of the spread. It acts as a summation of everything examined.

This 20 minute Six-Card Spread is the most affordable option for couples and offers an overview of the most important aspect or question and quick analysis of one or two current issues with a Six-Card Couples Relationship Spread. ($20.00)

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