One-on-One Past Life Oracle Card Consultation – 90 Minute Session



Past Life Oracle Card 90 Minute Consultation Session

Who were you in a Past Life?

Your eternal soul has lived other lifetimes that affect your current career, health, relationships, family, and life lessons. Our session helps to uncover messages from and about your past lives and help you understand your own patterns and behaviors so that you can overcome negative blocks and enjoy greater happiness, well-being, and love.

We created this session to help you recall information about your previous lifetimes. As clinicians who have studied and practiced past life therapy, we’re convinced that you can heal physically and emotionally by accessing these memories.

This session is a tool to help you remember key information from prior lifetimes. They also validate what you already suspect are past-life themes. Once you access these memories, your unconscious mind then supplies you with more details about your soul’s journey through time.

This session will evoke strong responses, which represent centuries of trapped energies that need to be released. It’s best to allow yourself to truly feel these emotions (rather than numbing yourself to them).

However, don’t let yourself wallow in or become obsessed with your past. Take frequent breaks and reality checks by focusing on your current life and taking care of your pressing responsibilities. This creates a balance as you slowly heal repressed emotions from prior lifetimes.

You’ll realize how people in your current life played roles in prior lives. The reason you’re back together could be due to a strong soul connection or an eternal love, or because there’s unfinished business – usually in the form of unforgiveness. We call this a karmic imbalance. You come back together – with the purpose of releasing old anger – as a form of detox. The karma is balanced when you can feel compassion for the other person’s soul journey.

Although your physical body is temporal, your soul is eternal. You were created eons ago, and you’ve had many experiences through many lifetimes. We’ve found that as people recall their previous lifetimes, they’re simultaneously able to heal negative patterns and health conditions that are rooted in the past. At a soul level, you retain all of the information, lessons, and memories that you’ve gathered. In many ways, you grow stronger and wiser with each lifetime. You also tend to incarnate with the same individuals, both because you love them and also to heal misunderstandings.

Oracle cards are an ancient divination system based upon magnetic resonance, which says that any question you have will magnetically attract the card that most accurately provides your answer. These cards use Pythagorean systems of numerology, which hold that every color, letter, and number vibrates mathematically precise ways.

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