One-on-One Astrology Tarot-scopes Consultation – 60 Minute Session – 12 Card Spread


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Astrology Tarot-scopes Consultation Sessions 


Drawing on the ancient discipline of interpreting the night sky, our Black Moon Astrology Card readings give you access to the tangible wisdom contained in the heavens above. The movements in the planets, the luminaries and the stars are reflected in the happenings on Earth and influence our lives, bodies, souls and destinies. 

As science and an art, astrology reveals the insight and knowledge that is literally written in the stars. Our sessions are based upon the most important placements of a horoscope making this an in-depth reading for divination and self-awareness. 

Our Astrology Tarot-scope consultation sessions include information on a range of astrological influences, including the planets, eclipses, and the lunar nodes. With a divinatory meaning, keywords, and tarot correspondence with each tarot card, this session makes the principles and revelations of astrology tarotscopes accessible to all. 

Explore the complex connections between you and the stars to illuminate your path and work fate to your favour

  • In a one-hour Twelve-Card Spread session we can delve a little more deeply into the life themes of the spread and examine current cycles and do a bit of forecasting. For repeat clients, a one-hour session is perfect for quarterly or annual forecasting and intuitive guidance. The Astrological Wheel Spread has the astrological wheels showing the twelve houses and is designed to give an overall, big picture view of the matter in question, or if you don’t have a specific question or area of interest for this session, then it can be used to give a broader overview of the issues occurring in your life at this time. In this spread, there is one card for each of the twelve houses of the astrological chart. For each card in the spread, the guide to reading the cards details what that card’s position represents and also what each astrological house traditionally represents.  ($250.00) 

For instance, if the Mercury Retrograde card falls in the Third House position because the Third House is all about communication, you could interpret this as a sign that it’s not a good time to sign contracts, or to speak your mind as communications might be misconstrued. Or, if your question is about romance, the Sun card falling in the Fifth or Seventh Houses could imply that the relationship in question has great potential, and the lovers are, or soon will be, experiencing a period of happiness, since the Fifth and Seventh Houses are about romance and partnerships respectively. 

  • Card 1: This card relates to the core of the issue, how it is now, the face that you see, the force behind an issue. The First House represents the body, the self, expressions of the spirit. 
  • Card 2: This card relates to what something is worth; the resources behind something; how things will work practically. The Second House represents ownership, finances, and money. 
  • Card 3: This card represents the thought behind something; how the mind processes it all; how clear the matter is; the logic of a situation; what people are saying. The Third House represents communication, writing, siblings, and neighborhood.  
  •  Card 4: This card relates to the origins of the situation at hand; what is intuited, and what is real. The Fourth House represents roots, family, memory, home, the mother. 
  • Card 5: This card is about how you have fun; how you express yourself. The Fifth House represents children, romance, creativity, fun. 
  • Card 6: This card relates to the mundane aspects of an issue; your day-to-day reality. The Sixth House represents the physical body, health, your job, your daily actions. 
  • Card 7: This card is about how issues work out with a partner, with other people, the courts, the law; how agreeable something will be, or how well things will flow. The Seventh House represents partners, marriage, the law, balance. 
  • Card 8: Based upon current circumstances not hanging, this card relates to how matters will end; issues concerning transformation; the influence of ancestors. The Eighth House represents transition, taxes, property you jointly own, psychic gifts, and partner’s finances, shared life, inheritances. 
  • Card 9: This card is about personal expansion; the gaining of wisdom; what will set you free and how. The Ninth House represents the higher mind, travel, philosophy, religion, freedom. 
  • Card 10: This card relates to the culmination and success of something, and how the world will view you. (This is the crowning part of a reading, and so, a particularly significant card.) The Tenth House represents fame, success, the father. 
  • Card 11: This card is about where you can seek help from others; the master plan; who is aligned with your goals. The Eleventh House represents friends, groups, alliances, ideals. 
  • Card 12: This card relates to what is going on behind the scenes; what is secret or hidden from view; what is not fully understood at this time; where something will lead. The Twelfth House represents seclusion, secrets, compassion, self-undoing. 


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