One-on-One Akashic Realm Messengers Consultation – 30 Minute Session



Akashic Realm Messengers Consultation

The Akashic Realm holds the collective Records for all humanity; there are 44 Messengers here who support humanity in the transition into 5th dimension consciousness. The Records held by the dimension of the Akashic Realm goes beyond what anyone can access by visiting their or another’s personal Akashic Records.

This oracle is a gateway of direct access to the Akashic Realm Messengers: Guides, Guardians and Teachers from the Akashic Realm who stand ready to support you on your path on this earth.

These cards will awaken in you deep reflection and healing and will unlock the connection between you and the Akashic Realm, opening your ability to access the knowledge the guides, guardians and teachers from the Akashic Realm have for you.

Oracle cards are a simple way in which humans can pass through the veil of the ego and hear their intuition. Each card speaks directly to your soul as you contemplate the imagery and the written messages.


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