Archangel Uriel: One-on-One Meditation Session



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Archangel UrielLife Path, Peace and Unity Among Nations 

If you are looking for peace and resolution in your life, calling on Uriel is what you should do. He has a ray of purple and gold. Some say the ray is adorned with a special ruby. If you are fighting with someone or having any kind of dispute, call upon Uriel. He will come between you and the other person, providing a peaceful and stable environment. Uriel saves us from spiritual confusion by illuminating our path through life – being the Protector of the Akashic Records. We are born with a special “gift” which is our reason for incarnating. Each being on the planet has a special place in the world scheme and the Earth’s evolution. Uriel is ruler of the Ruby Ray, the sixth ray of the spiritual light and the first ray of the visible rainbow spectrum. It influences the Root Chakra on the physical level (third dimension) and is the transmuting (transforming) ray of the Solar Plexus Chakra (fourth dimension). The Ruby ray is perceived as a deep red, moving through to deep purple with flecks of gold. Uriel’s name means “Fire of God” or “Light of God” and is one of the most powerful archangels as the “Angel of Presence”, able to reflect the unimaginable light that is God. He is associated with electricity, lightning, thunder, and sudden action and is often depicted holding a scroll (which contains information on your life path). The Light of God, transmitted by Uriel, gives us illumination. This illuminaton is vital for those who feel they have lost their way, so the Ruby Ray should be used whenever we feel lost, abandoned, fearful, forsaken, rejected, or dissipated. 


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