Archangel Raphael: One-on-One Meditation Session



Now Available – 20 Minute One-on-One Archangel Meditation Sessions by phone! Book now!  

Archangel RaphaelHealing Arts and Knowledge of Science 

Raphael is responsible for healing of the body, mind, and soul. When you are in need of emotional healing, he will be there to comfort you. In case your physical or material needs are not being met, Raphael will provide. If you are looking for new beginnings and transformation, albeit a new house, a new career, relocating, etc. Archangel Raphael, ruler of the Green Ray which influences the Heart Chakra on the physical level (third dimension) and the transmuting ray for the Third Eye Chakra, he is the healing aspect of the Lord. He is known as the physician of the angelic realm, the divine healer for healing ourselves and for helping to find the inner guidance, love, compassion, balance, and inspiration to heal others. Raphael is one of the seven ruling angels or princes. As over-lighting angel of healing, Archangel Raphael has the capacity to guide us in all of our healing work. 


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