Archangel Michael: One-on-One Meditation Session



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Archangel MichaelEmpowerment, Protection, Strength and Truth 

 He is the leader of all the angels and even the archangels. God protects him with a blue ray. Michael is responsible for offering protection towards the people of Earth. He can provide protection in an accident, severe crimes, or even spiritual protection from demons. If you are fearful for your future, call upon Michael and he will protect you with all his might. Ruler of the fifth ray of the visible rainbow spectrum, the Blue Ray which influences the Throat Chakra on the physical level (third dimension), and is the transmuting ray for the Throat Chakra (fourth dimension) and is the first spiritual ray. Mighty Archangel Michael is the protector of humanity, the supreme incorruptible commander-in-chief of all the archangels, and he leads the heavenly forces – his “legions of light” – against evil. His main color is sun-yellow; in fact, the fiery power of the solar plexus is his domain, but because he carries a sword made of sapphire, blue flame he is often associated with the empowerment and development of the Throat and Third Eye Chakras. The Blue Ray represents the power and will of God, as well as the powers of faith, protection, and truth. 


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