Archangel Jophiel: One-on-One Meditation Session



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Archangel JophielWisdom, Illumination, and Energy Renewal 

 Jophiel rides on a Yellow Ray, the third ray of the visible rainbow spectrum and influences the Solar Plexus on the physical level (third dimension) and is the transmuting ray for the Crown Chakra (fourth dimension). It is the second spiritual ray and is perceived as orange-yellow moving through to pale gold. Jophiel is the Archangel of Wisdom and works with the angels from the Halls of Wisdom. He is a very intelligent angel and if you are looking for guidance in education or business, he is there to help. If you need to study for an upcoming event, Jophiel will shed his intelligence upon you, allowing you to remember facts and certain dates. Archangel Jophiel’s ray helps you develop a fresh approach to life, bringing back enchantment and pleasure. Jophiel builds connections to align you to your higher self through the multitude of dimensions; he can be thought of as a cosmic ladder. He can instantly help you recover soul fragments that may have been shattered by shock, fright, or severe illness. Jophiel’s gifts include the wisdom flame, intuition, perception, joy, bliss and soul illumination. Invoke Jophiel when your creativity needs a boost to prevent feelings of low self-esteem, inertia, or mental fog. He helps you absorb new information. His wisdom flame can be invoked to help you in any situation that needs clear mental perception, discrimination or inspiration. 


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