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Healing Crystals, Oils, and Incense

Crystals, Oils, and Incense

Crystals, also known as crystalline solid, are solid materials that are arranged in a sequential pattern in a three spatial dimensions. Large crystals are often recognized through their macroscopic geometrical style with flat faces and unique characteristics. Though most people are familiar with crystals, some are not aware of their healing power. Get all the info you need here.

Please refer to the guide for more information on crystals associated with the Chakras as well as incense, oils, location of the chakras, and more.

The Ultimate Crystal Healing Guide

How To Use Crystals To Heal The Body And Transform The Spirit

Crystals bring light and color to your overall aura and physical body. They do this through the chakra system and subtle body layers. They are also used in a certain grid pattern of sacred geometry. These grids generate pillars of light exposing the body to multi-dimensional understanding and awareness.

The Basics

Crystal Therapy is considered as the prehistoric art of laying-on-of-stones. Stones, crystals and gems are laid on the body over the chakra points. Every chakra resonates to a certain color and the chakras align and mix with one another.

The main principle behind the need for crystal healing is that diseases take place when there is inequality between divine energy and a person. This light or divine energy is believed by most healers as the main groundwork of universal creation.

Crystal Healing Defined

Crystal healing is a typical form of treatment that uses gemstones or crystals. The crystals are often placed on a certain area of the body called “chakras”.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word, in many cultures it can mean Prana, Chi, or Ki which means spiritual energy. Although I work with 12 Chakras, we will focus on the seven fundamental energy centers that reside in the human body (Visit our ‘What is Chakra and Aura?’ page for more information). Some healers place identical color crystals as the color of the chakras on the individual to develop the flow of energy.

Crystals direct the energy flow to the person and bring balance to their energy. Generally, they are used to purify the person from negative or bad energy that is believed to cause severe dis-ease.

Eliminating the bad spiritual energy reduces the severity of the physical ailment. These crystals are also used for mental, physical, spiritual and emotional healing.

How does Crystal Healing Work?

No one has ever known the real creator of crystal healing. However, this practice has been used for several centuries. Individuals have used stones, gems and amulets throughout history.

Most crystal healers use clear quartz in treatment process due to its color and shape. However, since chakras have distinct colors related to every area, they may place a certain color of gems or crystals on the same color chakras.

These gemstones have vibration frequencies that are shape-stimulated, interlocking the individual’s earth energy field. The crystal is also used to realign or to amplify human psychic through directing vibration energy.

Crystal Healing as an Alternative Healthcare

A lot of people are practicing crystal healing as an alternative medicine. Though it is essential to follow your healthcare practitioner or doctor’s advice, you can also explore and learn about several alternative healthcares. That alternative solution is crystal healing. Healing your mind and body is all about balance. Therefore, you have to integrate crystals into your life.

Functions of Crystal Healing

The popularity of crystal healing is due to the belief of people in ancient practices that involved rocks, gemstones and crystals as a way of balancing energy. Healers pick crystals because they find them suitable for the condition of every person. Healers prefer to place them near or on the energy centers or chakras to create balance.

Benefits of Crystal Healing

  • This type of crystal is considered as the master healer. It both protects against and purifies negativity.
  • It also offers balance during the state of transition.
  • These crystals are best for enhancing a spiritual and deep connection between the life’s challenges and inner self
  • Connected with the 7th Chakra – The Crown
  • The chevron amethyst, on the other hand, helps in peeling away karmic patterns and enhances spiritual vision and intuition
  • This is known as the gentlest stone among the different types of crystals.
  • It has a calming and soothing feature.
  • Aids and Relieves Stress.
  • This crystal healing stone is often used to build up a negative disposition while promoting the patients to take life less seriously
  • Also used to develop fidelity in every relationship
  • Crystal healers consider this stone as a self-healing type
  • Guides the user to have right emotions
  • Amber is also bet for comforting emotions during post-operative trouble
  • Connected with the 3rd Chakra – The Solar Plexus
Tiger’s Eye
  • This is a type of crystal with gold and brown feature
  • It helps you to be more diligent and focused on what you do
  • Often recommended for students
  • Also helps in enhancing your psychic development
  • Carrying this crystal will also bring you more blessings
  • This crystal type is known as the stone of tranquility.
  • Like amber, it also calms the emotions and maintains peace in the community
  • This stone can also offer a sense of self-worth and self-sufficiency
  • Can help the users in dealing with their situation
  • Enhances harmony, tranquility and balance through emotional impassiveness
  • For healing functions, this stone is effective for recovery after having an undesired experience like job loss, funeral or divorce
  • Connected with the 4th Chakra – The Heart
  • Is often associated with strengthening intuition
  • Also opens the mind to several possibilities
  • This stone also invites personal change and growth
  • If you are inflexible and impulsive, moonstone can greatly help
  • This sky-blue stone can sharpen your concentration and help you prevent any distractions
  • It is also believed that it can improve one’s emotional vision and creative ability
  • Connected with the 7th Chakra – The Crown
  • Cleanses and dispels negativity from all the chakras
  • Provides supplemental energy and support in balancing the physical, emotional, and intellectual bodies
  • This stone is believed to calm the nervous system and to develop the mood of users
  • Connected to the 5th Chakra – The Throat
  • Is often associated as the crystal to help in speaking your truth and expression – stimulates energy from the heart to the throat, allowing one's deepest and heartfelt truth to be communicated
  • Useful for manifestation and self-protection
  • Often known as the crystal that supports the seat of responsibility – through it we say yes or no to life’s options.
  • The clear quartz crystal is a conductor of energy, acting both as a transmitter and receiver
  • If you keep this stone, you will be protected from any outside negative vibrations.
  • Connected with the 8th Chakra
  • Certain variations of this crystal type can aid in twinflames, time links to the past or future, or more depending on the formation type. Certain formations can be a portal into and out of this time/space continuum and probe into potential or destined futures.
  • Quartz crystals can cleanse any chakras – and any crystals.
  • Certain formations of this type of crystal can guide the user in the Akashic Records and access their past memories or other dimensions.
  • Smoky Quartz absorb all negative energies.
  • Can help guide the user to read alternative pasts, presents, and futures here.
  • Can contact Your Higher Self through this crystal during meditation
  • Rose quartz is connected with emotions and love – and therefore the 4th Chakra – The Heart
  • This crystal is effective in treating stress
  • Yellow or Gold Fluorite – connected with the 9th chakra – The Soul Chakra
  • Guides the user to their soul genes, the programs underling the choices made regarding our physical body, emotional states, and mental beliefs
  • Also guides the user towards the fundamental seeds of our soul purpose and information regarding our life purpose and life tasks during meditation.
  • Helps integrate and lock healing into the 9th Chakra – which carries all data from one incarnation to another. Doing so assures that we are not going to repeat our lessons over and over.
  • Blue Fluorite – connected with the 5th Chakra – the Throat
  • Purple Fluorite – connected with the 6th Chakra – the Third Eye
  • Helps fuel creative desires and the flow of creative energy
  • Connected with the 2nd Chakra – the Sacral
  • Known as the crystal associated with feelings and aids in birthing and gestation activity (for babies, businesses, ideas, projects, etc)

With information about crystals, it would be easy for you to pick which one will best meet your needs. Simply know which is best for you and see how it works.